Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Good and GREAT day to you!

Yesterday (Tuesday March 24, 2009) was NOT a good day for me mentally or emotionally!

Not that I'm "unstable" in either capacity but I was just simply feeling a little burned out, overworked and under appreciated all at the same time which is not good ingredients for a feel good and productive day!

So I was "short" with some people and maybe just flat out rude to others...but I am a man about mine and can admit an apologize to my short comings...I'm only human!

So here's to YESTERDAY, because TODAY is a NEW day...

I was slightly irritated with myself more then anything because I'm on a path to make a change, a transformation and I got off track and for what?

But today starts an anew...get back up and pick up the pieces and live my best life I can...

I'm not to proud to show my flaws, I'm not to ashamed to admit my wrongs, I'm not so insecure where I can not show I'm vulnerable at times, simply I'm not!

As I posted on the "Purge" thread...I have to know when to "hold" and know when to "fold"!

I'm not going to hold onto anything that's going to weigh me down, stunt my growth and play on my mind for the worse...gone are those days and in order to keep them gone and to keep moving I have to address them as they arise and YESTERDAY was my day!

But TODAY is too...and I CHOOSE to be BETTER and not BITTER and a VICTOR and not a VICTIM!!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

No "KACKLE" Today...but some FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!

You are ALWAYS only one choice away
From changing your life...
You get in life what you have
The COURAGE to ask for...
You can't do better, until you KNOW better
Get to KNOW the WORD- it doesn't change...
For the doubters who say "I tried faith, but it didn't work."
Let them know that FAITH tried you, but YOU weren't ready...
Until next time...
Tru Sinceer

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Happy & GREAT day too you!

Just as anything else in life, your mind and your heart has a capacity.

Out of all that's in your memory it more positive memories or more negative memories?

Out of all that's in your it more love or is it more bitterness mixed with a touch of hatred?

To purge is to cleanse, to cleanse is to be pure, to be pure is to be free, to be free is to be happy, to be happy is to have joy, to have joy is to love yourself which we ALL desire!

If we all didn't desire any of these things then we would not indulge in activities (from alcohol to sex) that destroy our being and/or numbs us for a temporary feeling(s)!

Why settle for something temporary when you can have something permanent?

To obtain something permanent it all starts with the difficult but MUCH needed process of purging our minds and our hearts!

"You don't know what has been done to me!", You don't know my story!" "You don't know, you don't know..."

You're right...I don't "know" just the same as you don't "know" mine and/or anyone else who tries to encourage change for the better!

Great encourager's come OUT of GREAT struggles!

You don't have to stay and/or be the victim and/or made to feel guilty of anything that has transpired in your past that you can not change!

Move on and live your BETTER days that yet await...

Purging is never easy...but KNOW it's worth it!

Let it go, stand firm and tap into your inner hero and strength and KNOW you can and WILL make it but only if you try without ceasing!

If you fall down...get up...if you relapse, start all over, if you get weary, rest but don't stop!



Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks "Kackle Tuesday" Day...

Good and GREAT day too you!

Happy St. Pattie to you and yours!

Stay on the lookout for those Leprechauns trying to take your "Lucky Charms!"

Is Michael Jackson and Lil'Kim related?!?! They booth are looking a ROYAL mess and BLEACHED to the GWADS!!!

Why do people have plastic surgery and look WORSE afterwards then BEFORE they started?!?!


She's the POSTER CHILD as to why you should NOT mess with God's creation!


I'm NOT sure how I feel about this pic...was Mario REALLY "booty poppin" OR did mediatakeout use him?

Why the "skinny" jeans too?!?!?!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Oh no...NOT SHADE!"

Hello and GREAT day it is...

Ya know I'm the first person to be nice and the LAST person you want to become "SALTY" because that what you ASK & DEMAND of me, THAT... I OBLIGE!

Now I will not name "names" or let you know that the person I'm about to speak on because they only have TWO cd's out and only sold ONE copy between the TWO and that's the one their MAMMIE bought, therefore I'm going to respect their privacy!

However, I MUST vent and address to the people that I can tolerate, will and do a lot of things but unwarranted "SHADE" NOT my ministry!!!

I will loose all composure expediently and crack a FACE behind unwarranted "SHADE"...

You have a better chance of playing in traffic on the Interstate and surviving without injury then giving me unwarranted "SHADE" and NOT being dealt with!

Now allow me to expound on what has transpired!

There I was being my happy, go-lucky self and reaching out to a "friend" via facebook and opened up the dialogue by saying...

"Hello! What's up, we cant speak now days? :-)"

...normally this particular person would ALWAYS hit me up and give shout out whenever we where online!

Now bare in my mind if you don't hit me up every time we're online it's no biggie nor do I think it's "SHADE" and/or a problem for that matter but if I feel I have a positive rapport with you and know that you have a feel for my personality and vice versa there is no need for "formalities" in our I THOUGHT...huh!

Furthermore, not to mention that this Trollop has really been being short in conversation here in lately and kind of rude but I just chalked it up as maybe my perception is off and I'm reading MORE into things then I should, so I've been giving them the benefit of the doubt!

But THIS Trollop proceeds to respond back to me by saying... "Evidently NOT because I haven't said anything to you. Have I?"....


I immediately said to myself "Did THIS Trollop try to "READ" me and throw me some ONE line "SHADE"?" and as I started to respond I felt a little heavy on the eyes so I decided to take a quick nap...but before I fell asleep I said if this Trollop hasn't sent me a "lol", "j/k","lmao", ":-)", ";-P" or SOMETHING by the time I awake then they meant to throw "SHADE" and I'm going to have to handle this situation!

So, I awake 30 minutes later and check my screen and there was NOTHING...NOTHING to clear up their response to me!!

Now I'm 38 hot and ready to get in for points...but then I was reminded to let the God in me arise (shout too MaryMary) because I'm trying to control my reaction(s) and tongue when people piss me off!

So I checked to see if this person was STILL online and they where...

Therefore in lieu of responding a being really ugly & vulgar I just politely went to facebook and DELETED them, went to yahoo and DELETED them, went to my phone contact list and DELETED them and about to go to myspace and what...DELETE them!

Now the NEXT time they physically see me and be smiling all up in my face and trying to get a "sample" (uh huh) I WILL remind them of their attitude and let them know we are NOT the two and I'm certainly NOT the one and what...DELETE them!!!

Sometimes people it's best not to get in a "war of words" with losers but best to simply lead by example and what...DELETE them!

Like I said I'm cordial to the 10th power but once you throw me "SHADE" it's NOT a cordial situation any longer especially when it's UNWARRANTED SHADE!!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Word...


Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Life is just a complicated journey filled many thorns to overcome in order to obtain your Rose!

As one of my favorite comfort songs plays in my ears ("Breathe" by Lalah Hathaway) I'm reminded no matter how life looks and/or feels right now our better days yet await us!

Some issues I'm complexed with run deeper then others but I'm embracing the mentality of seeking the silver lining behind every cloud vs. wallowing in deep pain and regrets...

I refuse to become a victim of circumstance(s) and be miserable when I have absolutely no authority to change anything in my past but have all the authority in the world to change everything in my future.

Anything GOOD worth having is worth a GOOD fight to obtain it!

Sometimes I use too find myself looking at people who I may deem "successful" and wondered to myself "How did they get there and are they happy?" and I was answered and shown then that everything that glitters ain't gold and all that's "joyous" isn't and can actually be very depressing!

For example, I knew this couple that appeared and lived as the "HUXTABLES" to the "naked eye" and world however behind closed doors... they where actually living like the "TURNERS" as in "Ike & Tina!"

God at that moment provided me with enough wisdom and understanding why I ought not envy anyone!

Understand the message that I was giving, not to say all that looks good is not actually good but more to say to me that I may never know the price people have and had to pay to get where they are and/or maintain what they have!

Furthermore and most importantly it was also revealed to me that I too am SUCCESSFUL!

Simply because I'm not at my blessing place it doesn't mean that I'm not!

Sometimes just staying in the fight and on the journey of life is a "success" all within it's self!

Especially when you're cognizant that certain situation(s), people, places and things where all designed to take you OUT but yet you're still here and stand apart and not only standing apart and here but here in good health, life and strength!

So why with being in the "know" of all that I've overcome and you overcome to become the persons we've become and becoming today we yet fill empty?

This is a question and concern that plagued me for quite sometimes with absolutely no definitive solution and answer...which can sometimes cause my mind to wonder, and doubt our successes and revert us back to square one...

But I learned when you propose a question always be ready to expect an answer even if it's not what you want to hear and/or know...especially when proposed to God!

The first thing God did was show me, ME!

The good, the bad, the known, the unknown and the ugly...ALL of it about myself!

Sometimes we're our own worse enemy and we can not even know it, we just simply stand in our own way sometimes...

Sometimes we're not in position to receive what God has ordained for us to receive because we can't maintain what we ALREADY have..."when you're FAITHFUL over a FEW things I will make you RULER over many."

Have you been Faithful?

The one thing constant in this world is CHANGE... but greater is He that's in me then he that is in the world!

We have a blessed assurance, an insurance policy that's going to sustain us through any facet of life but when you don't PAY into your policy and/or consistent, when you're in need of filing a "claim" you're not sure how to file a "claim" because your policy has "lapsed"!

Learn how to pay into your policy you have with God and not only when you're in need, but also when all is well!

If you want to live your best life and experience your BEST successes learn how to sow and sow a good seed into your life and those around you regardless of where you are right now!

Stay FAITHFUL to change, to the change of becoming the best YOU only YOU can be!

Through the hurt, stay faithful, thru sorrow stay faithful, thru depression stay faithful, thru joy stay faithful, thru it ALL stay faithful and WATCH first hand how being FAITHFUL can and will CHANGE your LIFE and change it for the better!

Know while we're looking to someone else as a "success story" someone else is watching YOU thinking the same!

Celebrate you...although you're not where you want to be...the "success" of life is not where you started and/or end but what you've overcome to be WHERE you are in LIFE!

Your ROSE awaits.

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

Tuesday, March 3, 2009




BBBBBBBAAAAAABBBBBEEEEE, why JUST when you THINK you're OVER someone AND their SEX they resurface and your BODY craves them like crack-head longing for the next high, or like a sober alcoholic for their next drink?!?!?!?!

It JUST ain't fair I tell just ain't!!

The two missing football wasn't until someone pointed it out to me...does this all sound a little "suspect" as in "HOW U DOWIN?!?" suspect?!?! Could there have been a mean ole man sand-mich going on and someone thrusted the other to hard and turned the boat over?!?!

How do you communicate to a friend that their husband is....

(you fill in the blank)

Shout out to Nee Nee've been sober for a whole hour...I'm proud of let's see what happens when you awaken!

Shout out to Bula Mae Paymasta...gurl the "TRADE" market will NEVER go bankrupt as long as you have a dollar hunnie! Keep investing you're keeping the economy afloat!!

Shout out to Veranisha "WiFi" Carrington...plug it in, plug it are the biggest and hottest jump off in the game babe and EVERYONE wants you, but only in YOUR mind!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer