Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Good and GREAT day to you!

Yesterday (Tuesday March 24, 2009) was NOT a good day for me mentally or emotionally!

Not that I'm "unstable" in either capacity but I was just simply feeling a little burned out, overworked and under appreciated all at the same time which is not good ingredients for a feel good and productive day!

So I was "short" with some people and maybe just flat out rude to others...but I am a man about mine and can admit an apologize to my short comings...I'm only human!

So here's to YESTERDAY, because TODAY is a NEW day...

I was slightly irritated with myself more then anything because I'm on a path to make a change, a transformation and I got off track and for what?

But today starts an anew...get back up and pick up the pieces and live my best life I can...

I'm not to proud to show my flaws, I'm not to ashamed to admit my wrongs, I'm not so insecure where I can not show I'm vulnerable at times, simply I'm not!

As I posted on the "Purge" thread...I have to know when to "hold" and know when to "fold"!

I'm not going to hold onto anything that's going to weigh me down, stunt my growth and play on my mind for the worse...gone are those days and in order to keep them gone and to keep moving I have to address them as they arise and YESTERDAY was my day!

But TODAY is too...and I CHOOSE to be BETTER and not BITTER and a VICTOR and not a VICTIM!!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

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