Friday, March 13, 2009

"Oh no...NOT SHADE!"

Hello and GREAT day it is...

Ya know I'm the first person to be nice and the LAST person you want to become "SALTY" because that what you ASK & DEMAND of me, THAT... I OBLIGE!

Now I will not name "names" or let you know that the person I'm about to speak on because they only have TWO cd's out and only sold ONE copy between the TWO and that's the one their MAMMIE bought, therefore I'm going to respect their privacy!

However, I MUST vent and address to the people that I can tolerate, will and do a lot of things but unwarranted "SHADE" NOT my ministry!!!

I will loose all composure expediently and crack a FACE behind unwarranted "SHADE"...

You have a better chance of playing in traffic on the Interstate and surviving without injury then giving me unwarranted "SHADE" and NOT being dealt with!

Now allow me to expound on what has transpired!

There I was being my happy, go-lucky self and reaching out to a "friend" via facebook and opened up the dialogue by saying...

"Hello! What's up, we cant speak now days? :-)"

...normally this particular person would ALWAYS hit me up and give shout out whenever we where online!

Now bare in my mind if you don't hit me up every time we're online it's no biggie nor do I think it's "SHADE" and/or a problem for that matter but if I feel I have a positive rapport with you and know that you have a feel for my personality and vice versa there is no need for "formalities" in our I THOUGHT...huh!

Furthermore, not to mention that this Trollop has really been being short in conversation here in lately and kind of rude but I just chalked it up as maybe my perception is off and I'm reading MORE into things then I should, so I've been giving them the benefit of the doubt!

But THIS Trollop proceeds to respond back to me by saying... "Evidently NOT because I haven't said anything to you. Have I?"....


I immediately said to myself "Did THIS Trollop try to "READ" me and throw me some ONE line "SHADE"?" and as I started to respond I felt a little heavy on the eyes so I decided to take a quick nap...but before I fell asleep I said if this Trollop hasn't sent me a "lol", "j/k","lmao", ":-)", ";-P" or SOMETHING by the time I awake then they meant to throw "SHADE" and I'm going to have to handle this situation!

So, I awake 30 minutes later and check my screen and there was NOTHING...NOTHING to clear up their response to me!!

Now I'm 38 hot and ready to get in for points...but then I was reminded to let the God in me arise (shout too MaryMary) because I'm trying to control my reaction(s) and tongue when people piss me off!

So I checked to see if this person was STILL online and they where...

Therefore in lieu of responding a being really ugly & vulgar I just politely went to facebook and DELETED them, went to yahoo and DELETED them, went to my phone contact list and DELETED them and about to go to myspace and what...DELETE them!

Now the NEXT time they physically see me and be smiling all up in my face and trying to get a "sample" (uh huh) I WILL remind them of their attitude and let them know we are NOT the two and I'm certainly NOT the one and what...DELETE them!!!

Sometimes people it's best not to get in a "war of words" with losers but best to simply lead by example and what...DELETE them!

Like I said I'm cordial to the 10th power but once you throw me "SHADE" it's NOT a cordial situation any longer especially when it's UNWARRANTED SHADE!!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

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