Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Hellurs and GREAT day to you, you and you!!!

It's Spring and the aroma of newness is lingering in the air...don't you smell it?!?!

I do apologize for those who've been following and reading my blog for the lack of postings here and lately...

I just got boggled down with a lot of different issues and honestly... most of them where not my own but since I have a HEART for people (even when they do not return the same) when they're troubled sometimes so am I...but IZ BACK!!!!

I feel good and renewed in the spiritual realm of life!

I recently had FOOLISHNESS knock at my PEACE door trying to enter in and create a whirlwind of drama, division and tension but when I sent the guard dogs WISDOM to the door FOOLISHNESS ran for it's LIFE!!!

Why people always want to try you MORE when you're trying to mellow out and be more level headed?

Why don't people realize that regardless of how much a person grows or has grown that on the RIGHT WRONG DAY you are STILL one look, harsh word, physical bump or intense stare from opening up a can of WHOOP *** on them?


Like, why do people try to STEAL other people ideas and thoughts trying to make them their own and yet always think they're one step in head of you when they are actually TEN steps behind you?

ALWAYS, ALWAYS long as you're trying to emulate someone else you'll NEVER be FIRST!!!

I come in peace and I LEAVE in peace however what may transpires between my arrival and exit is ALL contingent upon the parties I'm involved with!

I ain't no killah...but don't push me!!!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

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