Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Triumphant Return

The SWEETEST revenge is succeeding when you where set up to fail...to swim when you where suppose to drown...to smile when you where suppose to cry...to love when you where suppose to hate...to simply exist when you where suppose to die! Sometimes your mere presence can say MORE then words ever can!

Welcome to the triumphant return of Tru Sinceer!

While on my three month hiatus from blogging and sharing my life testimonies I kept finding myself in "midnight" & "barren" situations which caused me to really look inward and get to the root of the problem.

As I so deeply searched within and my immediate surroundings I realized I tend to provide more energy to people and certain situations who tend to be taxing and withdrawing from my mental health of positivity and being productive.

I also realized that my internal gifts and external presence intimidates insecure and inept people and personalities alike to their CORE!

I'm as secure as I've ever been in my thirty plus years of existence which I can honestly communicate too you, it was NOT an easy journey and/or task to get here but point being I got here!

Not by osmosis but by dealing and speaking too my insecurities and short comings, embracing EVERY perfect and imperfect aspect of who I am and most of all loving me unconditionally first so I may love someone else the same and vice versa either intimately or generally!

Therefore by me and others alike who employ their securities in their conversations, in their walk, in their behavioral patterns, in their presentation, in their silence, in their look, in their suttle gestures is intimidating to those who are insecure and have not and/or know how to check to deal with their own insecurities...so what do they tend to do and be?


While they are YET necessary and contingent upon the situation appreciated it saddens me at the same time because sometimes "HATERS" have the potential to be beautiful people and often time comes to wrapped in attributes that are often appealing to the naked eye...

It's not until we begin to put on our spiritual glasses and observation hat when we begin to become cognizant of certain patterns and traits that ALL point to the road of barren relationships and betrayal!

When those patterns begin to surface we often times become frustrated because in most instantaneous by the time we find out we've be "dooped" we've invested time, told secrets, provided personal insight about ourselves, shared initimate goals and dreams which all plays on our mind and emotions!

Such betrayal can and does call people to retreat from their normal personality as a result of now being made to feel as if our insecurities have been exposed and/or lies in the hands of someone who has the ultimate potential to single-handed destroy everything you build, worked towards and/or been delivered from by communicating your business to only God knows who!

While your feelings are valid, I yet challenge you to be like me and NOT retreat, don't become startled and/or swayed by people and their malicious conversations, rumors and straight up intent of ruin, but keep moving towards your goal and blessing place.

YES it hurts and shake our core existence but stand firm and seek GOD!! Also PRAY and PRAY for those who have spitefully used you because when you communicate to God in the spirit realm and in truth He can not help but honor your prayers because that's simply what His word declares!

As you continue to walk your walk and travel your journey while hearing your name slandered, there yet lies another opportunity...an opportunity as a result of all the people watching you...and when idol and erroneous rumors are told about you and you don't respond but excel you THEN have the victory and become an over comer while duly making a LIAR out of your HATERS and destroying your HATERS credibility but most all demonstrating a level of resilience which will and is to be honored!

You're God's child...who do you think you're NOT?

Being swayed by a HATER is out of the question...if so you allow them to WIN!!

For whatever reason my HATERS can not seem to keep my name OUT of their mouths...so I pat myself on the back because that's confirmation that I'm on my grind and excelling and it's evident because someone is on the sidelines trying to stop the movement!

So here is my TRIUMPHANT RETURN and I CLEARLY welcome all my HATERS to stay tuned in and keep watching and keep talking because while you playing me close I'm soaring higher and higher and your too blind to see and to simple to understand what you can't see!!

Until Next time,
Tru Sinceer

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