Monday, August 3, 2009

The FIRST and the LAST time...

Hello blog world and readers!!!

This weekend I ventured off to ATL to pay homage to headquarters and hang with my best friend who lives there and another good friend that was in ATL as well.

What started off to be such a pleasant trip ended up in the pits and turned into a "cold war" between myself and the person I allowed to ride with me on my excursion to ATL!!

I MUST admit I didn't take the advise of my friend Trent Jackson..."Travel light, you'll travel far!"

Normally when I go out of town I usually travel alone ESPECIALLY on weekend excursion because they're is typical a lot I want to do in so little time and having an "entourage" can sometimes cause conflict and tension provided we're all not on the SAME sheet of music.

So against my BETTER judgment I allowed this person to travel with me...she has always asked to venture off with me for years and we've never gone out of town but this time I said "Ok that's what's up!" and let her travel with me...

Turn around THREE times and touch your NEIGHBOR and say MISTAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR...BUMP THE BRAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This was the FIRST and LAST time I will EVER go out of town with THIS particular was a lesson learned!!

Long story short, either one of us didn't want to drive our cars therefore we agreed to rent a car and go half...she proceeded to tell me she had a "hook-up" at the rental place and can get the car for a fairly cheaper rate. So I was like cool!!!!


I was under the impression she was going to get the rate but the car was going to be in MY name since I was already driving and SHE was "tagging along"...but unknown to me when we got to the rental place she had the car reserved in her name ONLY!!! So you know it was an issue when she tried to tell me I can not drive the car because it's in HER NAME ONLY!!! WTF?!??!


So to keep the peace I laughed it off and was like WHATEVER...especially if you looking for ME to pay HALF!!!

However, needless to say she dictated the ENTIRE 36 hours of us being in Atlanta and was very inconsiderate! I'm the type of person when I get extremely heated I get EXTREMELY quiet because if I speak then I'm liable to say something and take myself to a place I may not be able to return from so I choose my battles wisely!!

Although I have not addressed it with this chick as of yet...please trust that I will and I ASSURE you that was the FIRST and LAST time she will EVER give me her ass to kiss!!!

I don't fair well and/or tolerate inconsistent people and/or personalities ESPECIALLY people with "hidden" agenda's...

There was a lot more that transpired that turned me OFF about this person but I'm choosing to keep it light and give the edited story...


Until Next Time,
Tru Sinceer

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