Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's KACKLE Tuesday...

Hello and GREAT day to all!

Yes, yes, yes, it's KACKLE TUESDAY!!!

Today and EVERY Tuesday is "KACKLE TUESDAY", which is a day I designate just to share some chuckles and entertaining food for thought!

So let's get RIGHT in peoples...

Has Usher been THROWNNNN a career "life-line" indirectly but directly all at the same time?

I'll elaborate...

Where is a GOOD P.R. (Public Relations) representative when you need one?

As I broke the news to blog land and the world on Sunday February 8th, the singer/actor a.k.a the "USHER RAYMOND REPLACEMENT" Chris Brown was involved in a "domestic violence" altercation with young lady who has been speculated to be Rhianna...

Since the altercation Chris Brown AND Rhianna have been M.I.A. from the public eye however there have been SEVERAL mouth pieces from the "Chris Brown" camp making comments and/or speculations to the media from Auntie's to Step-Daddy's!

Why won't they all just SHUT UP and not say a word?!?!

Do they NOT realize they are doing him MORE harm then good?


All for their 15 seconds of fame some of Chris Brown peoples are making some of the most inappropriate comments ALL at the wrong time!

The bottom line is...regardless of who started what and what started who when the MASSES hear, witness, and/or read about a MAN assaulting a woman the sympathy and empathy tends to be given towards the woman IMMEDIATELY no matter if she's in the "RIGHT" or the "WRONG!"

Therefore some comments and/or conversations should NOT be made public "speculation" until ALL the FACTS have been laid out!

Now Chris Brown recently released a statement saying he's "sadden by the situation"...WTH?

I bet you ARE sadden thinking about ALL the $$$$$ you're about to loose and/or lost and the possible "career suicide" you're going to experience as a result of what has transpired!

This is why I asked where is a GOOD P.R. person when you need one?

Regardless if the woman is Rhianna or not (which we REALLY know it is) Chris Brown and/or affiliates alike should ONLY be releasing "DAMAGE CONTROL" statements (i.e. I'm donating "x" amount of dollars to battered woman shelters, I'm registering in anger management classes etc.)

Regardless of the amount donated or if he physically ATTENDS a class, the public (especially woman) need to be made aware there is some depth of remorse on Chris Brown's part and he's exploring opportunities to "rectify" or should we say REDIRECT his "energy"!

Now as it relates to Ms. Rhianna...now...doesn't she HAVE a song on her latest CD entitled "BREAKING DISHES" where she says and I quote "I'mma FIGHT a MAN tonight and I'm NOT going to stop until I SEE police lights"...

Talk about the spirit of prophecy...bbbbaaaabbbbeeee...don't they "art" inmates "life"?!?!

She just didn't know fighting a MAN would end her up with some forehead contusions, bite marks and busted lip!

Look woman...understand...if you're going to FIGHT a man...SWING on a man, or HIT on a man...know a man is STILL a man regardless of the emotional ties you may or may not share!

Also "typically" men are STRONGER then women and UNDERSTAND everyone has a THRESHOLD!

Some are lower and higher then others...but if you catch and/or hit ANYONE on the right WRONG day...just be prepared to "PAY THE PIPER!"

Which CLEARLY Rhianna was NOT prepared to do!

I don't believe for a moment Rhianna is totally innocent but DAMNED if she doesn't have a GOOD P.R. person!

Rhianna is about to become a "battered woman's" spokes person and spin this entire ordeal to her FAVOR regardless of what her involvement is and/or was in escalating the entire situation...


If I were USHER RAYMOND or his management I would be bolting to the studio to record another project and releasing it YESTERDAY to RE-CLAIM what was stolen from me by Chris Brown...and that is FANS!

Usher your "life-line" has been EXTENDED...take it and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

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