Friday, August 7, 2009

Night Recap...

Good Morning All,

Last night I had a wonderful and refreshing evening with a couple of friends.

We had dinner at "J. Alexander's"...although my cocktail was a little WEAK the meal and the evening wasn't.

One of my good friends is home for two weeks. He's four months into his six month deployment and his ship returned for a short spell so we decided to do dinner and have a relaxing evening to catch up!

The most HILARIOUS thing about my friend is seeing him people have a boisterous laugh when they laugh but not him. My friend will give you a SLIGHT chuckle and then the next thing you know he's crying on you...WTH?!?!?!? lieu of a loud laugh he cries's so funny!!

My other friend is the complete opposite...she's BOISTEROUS with her laugh and it's so contagious too, she bust out in a laugh and the next thing you know you're laughing and may NOT know what you're laughing at but it all good!

It's such a blessing to be in and around GOOD people and GOOD company...these days those type of people are hard to come by!

I'm at work T-I-RED and ready to take a nap because I stayed out TTTTOOOOO late last night but I'm HERE at work and accounted that's something to be said because I sssooo wanted to "call-in" but I pressed my way and came on in to work!!

I wish you all the BEST, hope you're enjoying your day, and maximizing the short time we have here on earth!

Until Next Time,
Tru Sinceer

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