Thursday, August 27, 2009


Making it to your 30's in age is such a pivotal point in life in my opinion!

Your 30's is what I like to call your "Ah ha..." decade because you begin to realize who you are... your own person!

You begin to become MORE cognizant of what you like and don't like, what you will tolerate and what you will NOT tolerate, who to love and who NOT to love, who to trust and who NOT to trust, and who to be and who NOT to be...just a plethora of "Ah ha..." moments reveal themselves to you in your 30's if and only if your paying attention and open to be taught.

It's not to say you may not be wise beyond your years and/or learned valued lessons in prior or latter years but I'm finding for myself that in my 30's a lot of things begin to make sense and gel together for my good.

I've learned in my 30's situations, people, places and things only have power or authority over me only if I allow them too!

Therefore being in the "know" or what I like to call having an "Ah ha..." moment of my authority I learned not too give my power away easily if at all as I may have done in the past.

There is certainly something to be said when you can take notice of your own growth let a lone the people around you.

Although "Ah ha..." moments aren't restricted to a specific age or time it just appears for me and other people I converse with that the 30's is either where or becomes a decade of reflection, growth and empowerment!

What's MORE beautiful then coming into your own existence, being comfortable and secure in who you are?

The 30's for me is the decade of security and confidence in the person I see in the mirror every waking morning!

Until Next Time,
Tru Sinceer

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