Thursday, August 6, 2009

This Space...

Hello blogger's and readers alike!


Today is one my frustrated and complicated mind war days because of this space I'm in and occupying!

I'm in a space I don't want to be in...I do not like my distant but yet close enough surroundings and feel like there is something that has me bound from really walking out on faith and walking away from it all and starting a new!!

But the weird part of it all in my frustration I YET have this HUGE level of optimism that at the end of the day everything is going to turn out alright and I'll be abundantly blessed and reap my harvest...

I guess it's between the "now" and the "pending" where I'm trying to find my space just to catch my breathe too inhale and exhale in a normal rhythm vs. in an inconsistent pattern and not knowing when it's going to slow down or speed up again beyond my control...

I pray hard, write more, and listen twice as much then I EVER have...maybe that's it....maybe because I'm becoming more cognizant of my surroundings and positioning...this space and realizing it's not where I want to be and/or end up!

Life certainly doesn't come with a map and it's hard as hell to recover when you gone off road into desolated terrain but what doesn't kill you certainly makes you stronger!

I'm determined to figure things out for the good, bad and in between to elevate myself from this space!

Until Next Time,
Tru Sinceer

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