Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Day After...

Great day to all my fellow Blogger's and Blog readers!

I apologize for not posting some "funny food for thought" on "KACKLE TUESDAY" but yesterday was nothing to "KACKLE" about especially if you are an African-American in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

Who do we think we are NOT?

I understand there is a GREAT sense of pride, hope, inspiration, joy, anticipation, wealth, encouragement, for MOST of America after witnessing the Inauguration of the 44th President of the United States Barack Obama!

Cetainly those emotions are NOT to be taken ligthly or overlooked and for BLACK AMERICA those feelings are magnified 200 times over!

On April 4th 1968 in Memphis, TN one of the GREATEST Civil Rights Leaders Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., was brutally murdered...

Murdered for standing on the principal that ALL Americans mainly "Negro's" would have the same common birth rights as citizens of the United States ought to have, murdered so "Negro's" can dare to dream the impossible dream and acheive it, murdered so "Negro's" can be judged based on the contents of their character and NOT the color of their skin, murdered so there could be a BARACK OBAMA!

April 4th, 1968 was a dark and dreadful day and I can not even begin to wrap my mind around the feelings "Negro's" experienced on April 4th 1968... I can't imagine how those alive then felt every last belief, thought and hope for equality was RAPED so violently out of their heart and lives...

But fast forward 40 years...we're reminded that his LIFE and GREAT sacrifices and many other unsung civil right hero's alike who where beaten, bitten, hosed down, tormented, spat upon, verbally abused and even MURDERED is and was not ALL in vein!

Today I say "I SPEAK YOUR NAME!"

For the BLACK AMERICANS who lived before and through the M.L.K. era and endured great depths of disrespect and are here TODAY... for BLACK AMERICANS like myself who wasn't born then but are cognizant of their witness the Inauguration of the FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BARACK OBAMA with the FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA by his side is the HUGE contributing factor, reason and purpose we as AFRICAN-AMERICANS have a heigthen sense of PRIDE and JOY!

Certainly we have many more roads to trod, many more wounds to heal, and many more doors to open but the Inauguration assured African-Americans that we are relevant, birthed the dormant potential of within us, restored a level of raped pride within us, gave a true and sincere sense of pride within us, as well as made some do some soul-searching to REALLY look and identify with the man in the mirror!

That's why we're happy and overjoyed with emotions as "African-Americans"...

It was JUST almost 41 years ago we where not seen and/or respected as "equals" and brutally RAPED of our sense of pride and hope and to come to make it too Tuesday January 20th 2009 and witness the Inauguration of the FIRST AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA is something to take PRIDE in!

In the words of Dr. Joseph E. Lowery..."I long to see the day Blacks can sit back, Browns can get around, Yellows can be mellow, Reds can get ahead and Whites will do what's right!"

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

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