Thursday, January 22, 2009

Trent Jackson Interview...

Hello peeps and GREAT day too you!

I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the main people who has inspired me to create this blog and become a blogger and that's none other then the awesome and candid TRENT JACKSON!

Trent is an author & radio personality and you NEVER know what's going to come into Trent's mind and OUT of his mouth...typically if he THINKS it he says it!

So take the time to get to know Trent in this interview!

With that said lets get in...

Tru Sinceer: Hey Mr. are you this GREAT morning?

trentjacksonlive: evening still where i am

Tru Sinceer: lol...well evening...

trentjacksonlive: i'm sorry...the energy that is still trying to linger is a mess. Today was a very interesting day.

Tru Sinceer: First let me say as one of my BLOG inspirations thanks for granting me THIS interview! So what made today interesting?

trentjacksonlive: oh you're welcome. I'm a person like everyone else. But today was just a mess...Where do I begin? LOL...straight boys who want to test their gay tendencies with you, people who operate out of insecurity. crazyness of everyone else and their inability to deal with the shit they do and then trying to flip it on me like I'm the one with the problem, because I'm in tune with who I am.

Tru Sinceer: You know that's one of things I admire most about you...the fact that you KNOW who you are and you don't allow anyone to take that from you...listening to your shows over the past year or so it has taken you a great while and journey to get to that comfortable are you NOW with perhaps dating someone who can make you compromise the confidence you NOW have?

trentjacksonlive: it will never happen...

Tru Sinceer: Uh huh...

trentjacksonlive: you saw first hand....

trentjacksonlive: what I use to look like

Tru Sinceer: Uh huh...

trentjacksonlive: and the last dating situation i was in. So now that I am beyond that, that was the biggest lesson that I think i've learned in my life and it just basically showed me what I really deserve, not only dating, but the type of people I should be involved with in all aspects of my life.

Tru Sinceer: Gotcha! So what qualities your looking for and accepting?

trentjacksonlive: lol

trentjacksonlive: why are you asking me about my dating life?

Tru Sinceer: I think it's important to put our specifics in the atmosphere...the "laws of attraction"...we have to verbalize what we're seeking to make it partially

trentjacksonlive: LMAO

trentjacksonlive: I love it

trentjacksonlive: it's very simple for me.

trentjacksonlive: has to have personality. Someone that can keep me guessing and keep me on my toes.

Tru Sinceer: Right...

trentjacksonlive: someone one who is an engaging conversationalist, but knows how to listen and knows when to be quiet.

Tru Sinceer: IMPORTANT!

trentjacksonlive: someone who is understanding, respectful, ambitious, focused, determined....he has to have the ability to compromise, be honest and be able to handle a strong

trentjacksonlive: he has to be gentle, but strong when I need him to be.

Tru Sinceer: BBBBAAAABBBEEEE you putting it ALL in the LOVES IT!

trentjacksonlive: i'm not done

Tru Sinceer: Oh

trentjacksonlive: he has to have great appreciation for music.

Tru Sinceer: YESSSSSSSSSSS....

trentjacksonlive: and very much a person that is in tune with who he is and where he wants to go, loves to travel...and can understand me as a person and me as an artist.

Tru Sinceer: And understands sometimes I SPEAK thru the music I'm listening too and/or

trentjacksonlive: right

trentjacksonlive: thank you.

Tru Sinceer: Perfect lead-in...

Tru Sinceer: Tell my bloggers who may not be overly familiar with you about your "artistry"...

trentjacksonlive: um. can you be more specific, I'm not really use to speaking about what I do...

Tru Sinceer: I really do think you're an amazing author and radio of your claims is "I SAY WHAT PEOPLE ARE THINKING!" and 9 times out're right!

Tru Sinceer: Tell my bloggers about your accomplishments and future plans...

Tru Sinceer: As an artist

trentjacksonlive: LMAO...thank you

trentjacksonlive: I say so much I forget the things I say a lot of the time.

trentjacksonlive: But I am a person that feels and experiences a lot of heavy emotions

Tru Sinceer: Uh huh...

trentjacksonlive: and because other people go through a lot of things I experience alone...and we are so conditioned to hold everything in, be prideful and live in shame I think it's only fair for someone to speak the truth about life and how it really goes down. Specifically gay black men

trentjacksonlive: and I do that.

trentjacksonlive: and I try to present it in a medium where people can grasp and really take it in and use my life as a guide on what to do or not to do.

Tru Sinceer: You certainly do in TRUE Trent Jackson

trentjacksonlive: thank you....

trentjacksonlive: but I never really had anyone that "gave me life" growing up. I didn't really have people to look up to...and I remember what that was like and I always told myself that I never wanted anyone to feel what I felt as a child.

Tru Sinceer: You know...I think it's important that we face our past HEAD ON because if you don't your past will become your FUTURE!

trentjacksonlive: most certainly

Tru Sinceer: And there's no better way to give back and help people progress then sometimes being the example and person to say "Hey I been thru such and such..." and if I've come out of it so can you...but you have to make the CHOICE to MAKE the change! Know what I mean?

trentjacksonlive: most definitely.

trentjacksonlive: and it took me a minute to get there...

trentjacksonlive: but once I figured it out, there was no stopping me.

Tru Sinceer: AMON!

trentjacksonlive: and there were lots of people that were instrumental in that, but you have to be willing to make the change.

trentjacksonlive: you can't use any excuse, you are clearly in control of your own destiny...

trentjacksonlive: and it made more sense to me the other day.

Tru Sinceer: That's awesome!

Tru Sinceer: Let's switch gears a little bit...

Tru Sinceer: Who are some of your inspirations...known & unkown?

trentjacksonlive: lol, thats easy!

trentjacksonlive: first and foremost my Uncle DuWayne. He is someone who gives me life.

Tru Sinceer: Uh huh...

trentjacksonlive: he's fast tracked me to be the confident person I am today

Tru Sinceer: He's the Uncle over sea's right?

trentjacksonlive: well, he's back in the states, I'm actually packing as we speak, I have a flight to catch in the morning to go and see him.

Tru Sinceer: Oh's always good to see, speak and hang our inspirations...

Tru Sinceer: And along with being inspired there are those "HATERS" who as for me inspire me as well...but how do you handle that? With any level of success there is ALWAYS one hating and/or do you handle that or address it?

trentjacksonlive: wait...i have more inspirations...

trentjacksonlive: lol

Tru Sinceer: Speak on

trentjacksonlive: my cousin Tuesday (R.I.P.) Lalah Hathaway, Rahsaan Patterson & Karyn White.

trentjacksonlive: haters...

trentjacksonlive: lol...

Tru Sinceer: Yes them!

Tru Sinceer: lol

trentjacksonlive: you know. I used to care about what other people think. But Rahsaan told me plain & simple "Fuck Em"

trentjacksonlive: and when he said it and at the point he said it, it made so much sense.

Tru Sinceer: YESSS!!!!

trentjacksonlive: but there are always going to be someone trying to say something just because they ain't got it.

trentjacksonlive: or mad for whatever reason. It's like if you don't like the magazine, why do you subscribe?

Tru Sinceer: Did you run a certain someone OUT of L.A? Hell the west coast ALL

trentjacksonlive: when you operate out of security, the shit that people say to you doesn't even bother you, especially if it's false. I'll say this, when the sun shines, you don't stand in it for too long, you get burned. When you are who you are, people will eventually move the fuck out of your way. Especially if they are going out of their way to ensure that you don't progress. People have the game twisted, you can't expect to prosper when you fuck over people. Karma is moving quicker than ever these days, and I'd be scared to fuck over people.

Tru Sinceer: That's a WWWWORD!

Tru Sinceer: LOL...I feel a VICTORY LAP coming on...



trentjacksonlive: LMAO

Tru Sinceer: LOL


Tru Sinceer: So what's NEXT for Trent?

trentjacksonlive: a lot! thank you for asking. I'm actually in pre-production for my 3rd novel

trentjacksonlive: I'm revamping my radio show...

trentjacksonlive: and just focusing on going to the next level, wherever that may be.

Tru Sinceer: I SWEAR you need a co-host for the show in your next season...***hint.hint***(lmao)

trentjacksonlive: well, no...

trentjacksonlive: that was supposed to go down this season

trentjacksonlive: but shit falls through - but I couldn't let that stop me.

trentjacksonlive: I am actually working with a talented girl out here in L.A.

trentjacksonlive: and were actually launching an actual online channel

Tru Sinceer: That's awesome!

trentjacksonlive: that will be launching at the top of the summer, but my revamp will be done within the next month or so.

Tru Sinceer: You're certainly a voice and conversation piece that needs to be heard...

trentjacksonlive: I'm going into more of a talk format. Thank you I appreciate that. I feel I have a lot of information that needs to be passed I have something valid to say. I say what everyone else thinks, as you stated earlier.

Tru Sinceer: What's the address where people can tune-in, subscribe and purchase your books...give us all that good

trentjacksonlive: my blog,

trentjacksonlive: and I'm all up and thru borders books, amazon.

trentjacksonlive: I need a web designer, I am in dire need of one.

Tru Sinceer: I think I may have one for you...we'll chat offline about that...

trentjacksonlive: amazing.

Tru Sinceer: But has been amazing chatting and interviewing you! Again you're REALLY are an amazing talent and hilarious person...especially once people wrap their minds around your personality!

Tru Sinceer: Thanks for the interview and do you have any closing remarks?

trentjacksonlive: it's a lot to handle, but they need to get use to it, because I am about to pull these bitches wigs' back! These fake bitches need to bow the fuck out before I have to take them out.

Tru Sinceer: Did I hear "DOUBLE-STICHES"? (lol)

trentjacksonlive: DOUBLE MISSES...

Tru Sinceer: lmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmaolmao

trentjacksonlive: yes this new book is going to be one ol' read session

trentjacksonlive: not only on myself, but about the people that have tried to close doors God has opened for me...

Tru Sinceer: AOW!

trentjacksonlive: and Karyn White lives!

Tru Sinceer: BBBBBAAAABBBBEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tru Sinceer: Where?

Tru Sinceer: LOL...don't answer that....

trentjacksonlive: oh, I spoke with her about a week ago

Tru Sinceer: How is she?

trentjacksonlive: she is doing extremely well, living her life without regrets and being the fierce woman God sent her here to be. KARYN WHITE IS A BEAT, BAD #*$!@! Just like Michelle Obama!!! I love Karyn, she gives me life.

trentjacksonlive: and Michelle...

trentjacksonlive: lol.

trentjacksonlive: Dionne Warwick, she tried to warn us!

Tru Sinceer: Now I don't know how certain Dionne was and/or is...she couldn't save herself and ditch the WEED before she went thru the airport security...WEED has such a strong hold on her AND her

Tru Sinceer: But that's a whole other talk show...HEY in HOUSTON!

trentjacksonlive: Whitney is another BEAT BAD BITCH...

trentjacksonlive: She looks stunning!!

Tru Sinceer: ONLY looks it...

trentjacksonlive: not so much

Tru Sinceer: BBBBAAABBBEEEE don't have her grace the

trentjacksonlive: awww ;-(

Tru Sinceer: I loves Whitney...but uh...

trentjacksonlive: i have faith

Tru Sinceer: And so does

Tru Sinceer: And there's NOTHING wrong with

trentjacksonlive: bitch Obama on AirFoce 1

trentjacksonlive: i am juiced

Tru Sinceer: BBBBAAAABBBBEEEE...I blogged about Obama...I'm JUICED TOO!!!!

Tru Sinceer: Awesome times we're living in...

Tru Sinceer: But Trent Jackson thanks again for the view and hope you have safe travels!

trentjacksonlive: P.S. "just remember the only people that spend their time telling you, you can't do shit is the people that ain't never done shit with their time."

Tru Sinceer: WHAM! AND WE'RE OUT!

Until Next time...

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