Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's KACKLE Tuesday...

As always, GREAT day and GOOD cheer!

It's here...it's today...it's KACKLE TUESDAY!!!

Ah kee, kee...ah kee, kee, kee...(lol)

Kackle Tuesday is the day on my blog where I talk about all the "WTH?" moments that make us laugh out loud OR to ourselves...

Did anyone watch the "Celebration of Gospel" on BET this past Sunday?

A few things...

Why were Kirk Franklin pants so TTTTTTTTTTTTTIGHT?!?!

I just knew when he fell to his knee's during his performance he was finna show ALL his "GLORY"...oh my...

I SWEAR I heard some squeaking when he walked off the stage...just TTTTTTTTIGHT!!!!!!

Those pants were TTTTTTTTIGHT to the GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trinitee 5:7...RIGHT...need I say MORE?!?!

BEFORE we address their sound...or lack thereof, let's address their appearance!

It's NOT a good look to be introduced as the "FIRST PLATINUM SELLING GOSPEL GROUP" and THEN come out on stage looking a BROKE HORRID MESS!!!
  • Shanelle's weave looked BIGGER then her AND looked like she purchased it FRESH out of FAMILY DOLLAR!!!

  • WTH?!?!

  • Angel's dreads look like she got them twisted on the front porch in the HOOD sitting between someone legs as they caked pounds of "BEES WAX" in her hair...

  • WTH?!?!

And the 3rd chick...her name escapes me...she was KA-UTE until she decided to sing in the mic...ALONE!!!!

Trinitee 5:7...please go BACK to basics...what and where you're trying to go right now is NOT your ministry!!!!!!!!!

Vicki Winans...why do I always hear the word "EXTRA" in my mind when I hear her name?

MaryMary...love ya...but I didn't GET it!

Karen Clark-Sheard sung her life away but her HAIR...it didn't TRANSLATE!!!

Heather Headley and Smokie Norful worked OUT the classic "Jesus Is Love" but I couldn't help but notice Heather's skirt was as tall as Smokie Norful!!

Heather Headley also won the award for the "BEST DRESSED" performer for the night! She looked so elegant but stood OUT at the same time and her PUMPS where giving LIFE!!!!

YES MA'AM!!!!!!!!

And the KACKLE for the day...

Why is Lil'Kim on mediatakeout with pictures of her "working out" knowing she going RIGHT to the surgeons office?!?!?!

I swear her and Vivica A. Foxx are in a competition to be the FIRST REAL FEMALE FULL-TIME DRAG QUEENS!!!!
Notice Lil'Kim "muff, muff" hang out...TRASHY!!! (lol)

Until Next Time....

Tru Sinceer

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