Monday, January 26, 2009


Great day...yes it is!

I have been having a lot of "REALLY?!?!?!" moments here and lately!

It's partially due to me being out of tune with certain aspects of my immediate surroundings and the other just not foreseeing some stuff before it happens because I'm not in-tune with one of my many motto's!

The "REALLY?!?!" factor is that moment when you're observing and/or listening to your surroundings and something "slips up" that probably should NOT have...kind of like Joe Biden's wife being on the Oprah Winfrey Show and saying VP Biden had the choice between "Secretary of State" or being the "Vice-President"...THAT'S a "REALLY?!?!?!" moment!

So my "REALLY?!?!" moments have been busting me RIGHT in the head over the course of these last couple "FOOL OPEN YOUR EYES!"

Prime example of a "REALLY?!?!?" moment... I just found out someone who I considered and THOUGHT was a close friend has a PROBLEM with me and I have no earthly idea as to why!

So much so that hey are trying indirectly but yet directly to spark a "cold war" and be extremely TRIVIAL to obtain a response out of me that I refuse to be apart of... so I just sit back and say "REALLY?!?!?!"

I'm too wise AND mature to be apart of that I politely blew out my torch of "friendship" and passed it on...if someone thinks I'm going to engage in a raging war of insecurities they have ANOTHER thing here's to YOU "DELETER"...and oh..."REALLY?!?!"

The next "REALLY?!?!?!" moment...there has been some weird energy circulating around me and some things I know in my "suppressed" mind I need to pull up from and either minimize my involvement with but being the person I am I often concern myself with OTHER peoples feelings first before mine and that's just REALLY got to change!

It's NOT a universal feeling when it comes to others baring me in mind and I'm cool with that!!

But for people I've been connected with this change is going to be DRASTIC for them because they're not acustom to me doing me and not overly concerned about THEIR feelings before mine!

Therefore, I'm going to do me how I see fit and involve myself with what I see fit and most edifying to fulfilling my destiny!

I must say I don't get people smiling in your face and/or entertaining you and trying to be shadey on the LOW all at the same time...oh and you're NOT suppose to's like "REALLY?!?!"

I'm MANY of things but "slow" or "dumb" I'm far from...

My KEY motto in this game of life which keeps me focused and deciphers the magnitude of my interaction with people (and every once in a while I get knocked off my square because I don't remind myself of it) is to ALWAYS hear what's being SAID that's NOT being SAID!!

We communicate more then just "verbally" and I'm very observant and sometimes more then I REALLY care to be and sometimes MORE then what people around me WANT me to be!

So I can dig what goes down sometimes as a result of being this way but DAMN...don't let me have to find out the biz'ness through the "STREET COMMITTEE" and NOT expect to play scenarios back over in my mind (hindsight is 20/20) and see the reality of the situation and say "REALLY?!?!"

Until next time...

Tru Sinceer

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