Sunday, January 11, 2009

To Marry or NOT too Marry...

Who are we as a society to dictate to anyone else who they can and can NOT marry and/or who they may and may not love?

There has been a plethora of issues and outpouring from the L.G.B.T. community after the rejection of "prop. 8" ballad in the 11/03/08 historical election.

I hear so many erroneous rebuttals as to why the "majority" is and was right and justified in their decision of voting against "prop. 8" and a lot of it has been centered around religion purpose and practice's!

As Neffe would say "ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?!"

Now since when we as a "society" have become so religious and self-righteous?

I've personally seen some beautiful same sex relationships as well as some beautiful opposite sex relationships and if people grow to the point in THEIR relationship to stand before the laws of land, friends and family alike to make the proclamation of THEIR love and commit to one another for the rest of THEIR lives who are we to stop that commitment and say it's NOT valid?

We ALL agree "love" sees no color, gender, race, AND religion...

Therefore if "LOVE" crosses all boundaries then why do we try to confine "love"?

If it's the argument of religious purposes and reasoning behind the votes against "prop 8"... I often wonder if people voted "no" thinking they would receive some "extra credit" with God or have their sins and many wrongs erased all while finding a "deeper connection" with God?


-Although I'm not married and have sex as often as I want, if I vote "NO" God will overlook my wrongs...

-I don't pay my tithes or dedicate 10% of my time to the Lord's ministry but if I vote "NO" this will make up for all that...

-I'm a downlow case and no one suspects me (so YOU think...) and although no one can see my vote and/or know I voted "YES" (unless YOU tell them), if, if I vote "NO" I will appear to be a little more "discreet" and "dl" to the WORLD!!


A sin is sin and wrong is wrong bottom line!

You can't trade one for the other people...

To thine OWN self be true!

To marry or NOT to marry is the question...

I personally believe EVERYONE in this free world should be FREE to love who they want to love and be who they feel they are as long as they are NOT hurting anyone else and/or themselves!

What people do in their lives, behind closed doors, IS between them and GOD...them AND GOD...THEM AND GOD!!!

Who are we to judge?

Tru Sinceer

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