Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finally Tru!

Hello and GREAT day to all in Blog land!

Allow me to introduce myself...I am Tru Sinceer!

I have been inspired by many great Bloggers (i.e. Trent Jackson, Wayne Wayne) and those alike to create another platform to discuss, express, cryout and simply be true and sincere with all issues of life that challenge our world and society from sexuality, gender, racism to religion!

Be it my name is Tru Sinceer (pronounced true sincere) I thought I would create my own atmosphere of TRUTH and SINCERITY with the intent to promote self healing, creativity, a safe haven, laughter and simply some good ole discussions for any and everyone who may enter into the wolrd of blogging and read my blogs.

This is who I am...Tru Sinceer!

Now that you know who I am and the intent of my blogs let's get in...

Tru Sinceer